Polycarbonate Return Policy…

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Greenhouses Del Sol Inc. is an authorized dealer for two worldwide major distributors/manufactures of polycarbonate panels and related supplies. We incorporate the same return policy as our suppliers to avoid any misunderstanding.

Polycarbonate Panels and related supplies such as H-channel connectors / U-channel connector purchases are usually a result of a well-thought-out design plan which specifies the use of polycarbonate panels for a specific application and its unique properties. Very rarely does anyone ever return polycarbonate panels unless there is a manufactures defect or it simply does not live up to the customer’s expectations, however, this is very rare, since polycarbonate panels are the best translucent material used for greenhouses/pool enclosures/skylight and any other translucent application worldwide. There is simply no other product that can match its strength, durability, and purpose.

Polycarbonate Panels are unique and are very universal in terms of what polycarbonate panels are specified for. There is no other alternative unless a different product in nature is substituted or specified. The panels which we provide are only available in two widths 4ft and 6 ft and can be ordered in lengths ranging from 8ft. to 32 ft long. As a result, special crating and freight costs are necessary for safe and speedy transport.

Polycarbonate panels and their related connector components do not differ very much from manufacturer to manufacturer… Regardless of the manufacturer, polycarbonate panels and their connector profiles serve the same purpose. There are only but a few manufactures worldwide and all offer the same warranties and return policies through their dealer distributor network.

Polycarbonate H-channels

All polycarbonate manufacturers provide only 3 types of connector profiles, they are universally referred to as H-channels …these are used to connect any two panels together on top of a structural frame.  There are two types of polycarbonate H-channels to consider regardless of who the manufacturer is. Reference…..  please read…   polycarbonate.greenhousesandsunrooms.com/profiles-facts-installation/


  1. a uniform single-piece poly H-channel, available and sold in 24 ft lengths only… less expensive than the snap H-channel mentioned below
  2. snap poly H-channel is a two-piece connector consisting of a base channel and a top snap cap channel. Both types are used for the same purpose, to connect any two panels together also available and sold in 24 ft lengths. The snap H advantage….  they are easier to work with and make joining 2 panels together very easy as opposed to a one-piece connector.
  3. aluminum connector profiles, sold by a few good manufactures and are considerably more expensive and are also sold as a specified product used for a specific design…
  4. polycarbonate U-channels… these are used to seal the end flutes on each end of the panel and are sold in 12 ft lengths only…


 Returns and Guidelines

If by any chance you made the silly mistake by ordering polycarbonate panels or connector channels without any knowledge /design plan or need ….

the following rules apply…

  • You have only 10 business days to return it.. which’s 2 weeks from the date received … no exceptions
  • a 30% re-stocking charge will apply to the original total sales amount for the products purchased / returned … no exceptions
  • any panels and channel connectors that are requested to be cut to size cannot be returned ..all sales for cut products are final
  • any returned items must be in re-saleable condition and must be in the same condition as when originally received
  • the purchaser is responsible for all transport cost back to the original point of distribution
  • all returned panels and channels must first be inspected / scrutinized and accepted by the distributor before any credit is issued
  • all polycarbonate panels have a protective film on each side, this protective film must be intact and not frayed / torn or removed  when returned
  • when panels or channels are returned for a defective claim / a small 4″ x 4″ piece of that product must be sent to the manufacturer for testing to validate the claim of defectiveness
  • credit will only be issued upon notification from the Mfr. to validate the defective claims.
  • If a defective product is verified by the manufacturer as such, the customer can then choose between receiving the new product or receive full credit

Good Faith…

It is our ulti­mate inten­tion to make every cus­tomer happy and 100% sat­is­fied and to pro­vide the very best out­come for their monies invested. This can always be achieved through open com­mu­ni­ca­tion, hon­esty, will­ing­ness and coop­er­a­tion on behalf of the pur­chaser and the supplier. (Greenhouses Del Sol Inc.)