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Besides being your local Colorado polycarbonate panel supplier for El Paso County, Teller County, and surrounding areas we also provide greenhouse and sunroom construction services, ren­o­va­tions in Col­orado Springs, Wood­land Park, Floris­sant, Divide, and sur­round­ing areas.

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16mm clear polycarbonate roof

16mm clear polycarbonate

Polycarbonate structural panels or sheets are widely used for many applications wherever a transparent or translucent appearance is desired. Utilizing the sun’s natural light for homes, office buildings, public walkways, bus and train stations, canopies, stadiums, overhead domes, and skylights, offers many advantages. It not only saves costly man-made energy, such as electricity and heat, but it also provides a unique and long-lasting ambiance in appearance and effectiveness.

Saving costly energy is on everyone’s agenda, and it makes absolute sense to try and capture the sun’s natural light and energy in every way possible. Since the advent of its early beginnings, it was not clear how extensive polycarbonate can best serve mankind in all its infinite uses and applications. Over time and with continuous development, polycarbonate panels are considered the number one choice for specific translucent applications.

One such application is the use for the construction of greenhouses. Polycarbonate structural panels offer greenhouse construction; versatility, high strength, and lightweight which allows for longer spans and less framing support. The weight factor alone lends itself to tremendous savings for framing support systems, when constructing with polycarbonate panels, as opposed to single pane glass sheets and insulated glass units.

The weight difference is tremendously significant; one inch thick insulated glass unit for a one-square-foot unit of glass weighs about 6.5lbs as opposed to about a half of one pound for the same measure of polycarbonate. The cost savings in framing material is enough of an incentive for any builder and homeowner to consider.

Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and provides greater thermal insulation properties, it is lightweight, extremely durable, impact-resistant, and easy to work with for most installations. It also has a co-extruded protective UV layer which provides high stability against sun rays and harsh weather conditions.

 Polycarbonate Energy Savings

The air space flutes and the layers of thermo-poly plastic sheathing between the outer surfaces of the panels create significant thermal insulation properties. The R-factor for one square foot of the one-inch thick glass is approximately R 2.1, the R factor for the same size dimension of polycarbonate is approximately 3.8. The rate of heat loss is the U-value; it is also significantly less than glass.

The inherent properties of polycarbonate also make these panels expand and contract more than most structural panels and about 7x’s times as much as glass.

Construction note: always allow 1/4”- 1/2” joint spacing between any polycarbonate panel joint.

Polycarbonate Maintenance

Polycarbonate panels are easy to clean, requiring only mild dishwater soap and warm water. A pressure washer for rinsing can also be used. The other unique maintenance factor is that polycarbonate does not show dirt and dust build-up as much as glass does. This is due to the multiple cells and numerous light-diffusing flutes that run throughout the panel sheet itself. The same goes for hiding scratches and other imperfections, not true for glass. Glass does require periodic cleaning to maintain its resilience.

 Polycarbonate for Greenhouses

 Polycarbonate panels do produce condensation, as part of development for a better polycarbonate greenhouse experience, manufacturers now offer a special film chemical surface coating. This coats the inside outer surface of the panel. This acts to spread any water condensation across the whole surface of the panel as opposed to creating droplets of water that can drip.

Let the light shine in …

Let the light in!

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Build your greenhouse roof, pergola, translucent deck roof, or walls with  – 16mm / 25mm RDC Storm Panels are made of clear Polycarbonate. They will protect your glazing panels from hurricane-force winds, flying debris, and severe weather and yet — yet allow light in. 16mm / 25mm RDC Storm Panels passed the Dade County Hurricane test and resisted Large Missile Impact (9 lb 2” X 4” missile shot out of an air cannon). The missile bounced off the 16mm / 25mm RDC Storm Panel, preventing any damage to the panel or the glass behind it. The panels were also exposed to high air pressure — simulated 170 MPH wind and passed the test! You CAN install it yourself! You CAN order it today!!!


Colorado Polycarbonate technical info from the manufacturer  click here  ~ GALLINA USA Poli Carb-Acro Plus

Polycarbonate Gallina USA specifications  — technical data — click it here

 Polycarbonate Specifications

  • Polycarbonate sheet size … 4’ ft and 6′ (ft) wide up to 38 ft in length
  • Standard Colors: Clear, Opal, and Bronze
  • Clear = transparent
  • Opal = translucent
  • Bronze = transparent tint
  • Optional colors: red, green, blue, orange is in many cases special order/quantity
  • Sheet thickness, most common …6mm (1/4”) up to 25 mm (1”)
  • Custom widths and lengths … notification required
  • Order and ship any amount, any time, any place.

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